1. When people ask why I don’t smile to strangers.


  2. When I greet my least favorite coworker.


  3. When teens say I’m too old to go to a One Direction concert.

    I’m like:


  4. When someone messes with me while I’m eating


  5. When my friend asks when I last had sex.

    I’m like:


  6. When I just don’t give a care.


  7. When I get mad at my computer.


  8. When someone asks if they can have some of my food.

    I’m like:


  9. When my friends and I go out.


  10. When I wake up with a hangover.

    It’s like:


  11. When I deal with ignorant people.


  12. When my friend and I talk about our horrible coworker.


  13. When bad things happen to me.

    I’m like:


  14. When someone thinks I’m mean.


  15. When I take a break from work.